Madelin Dior

New Challenge for 
Elite Business Owners

Back Swan Business 


DEC. 1st - 5th 

Quantum Leap Your Results In 5 Days

Madelin Dior

Clairvoyant Business Coach 

A Black Swan is something that takes you completely by surprise... 

It collapses the world around you.. 

It shakes you to your core.. 

If you want to get back on track, you need to find solutions very fast. 

Even if you don't have experience doing that. 

if you haven't experienced a true Black Swan

then you have never been in that impossible situation before. 

In order to get out of that, it's crucial that you are able to take a Quantum Leap.

It is the perfect time for exponential growth

How to Quantum Leap

in business during impossible circumstances 

And create ultimate freedom in my life.  

Quantum Leaping is everything when it comes

to creating extraordinary results in business
- fast.

Learn how to tap into your 1% potential that

creates 99% of your results to reach your next

level in life and business.

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December 1st - 5th 
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About the Host:

Madelin Dior
Clairvoyant Business Coach

Madelin is a former elite gymnast who travelled the world with the Danish National Team and has spent 17 years coaching elite gymnasts. 

She started her online business as a single mom with  

- no time 
- no sleep 
- no help 
- no money
- no energy

and no business idea...

...she had less than 30 days to create it. 
Madelin discovered her clairvoyant skills and started coaching elite business owners how to create extraordinary results by using her intuitive abilities.  

She provides her clients accurate intuitive advice and clarity on how to Quantum Leap to their next level in business.

You're Not Here to Play Small.

The Quantum Leap Challenge 

Here is what we will cover:

DAY 1: Sep. 20th

Madelin Dior:
How to release your unused potential and 
reach your next level in business
(10am PT)

DAY 2: Sep. 21st

Peter Crone:
How to break free from the mental constructs of your 
mind and step into unlimited potential
(8am PT)

Madelin Dior:
How to turn a Black Swan event into your greatest 
opportunity by using the Hologram Effect
(10am PT)

DAY 3: Sep. 22nd

Madelin Dior:
Clairvoyant Business Q&A
Answers to your most important question
(10am PT)

DAY 4: Sep. 23rd

Madelin Dior:
How to let go of your subconscious fears 
that are sabotaging your results
(10am PT)

Peter Crone:
How to delete subconscious narratives that dictate 
and shape your results in life
(2pm PT)

DAY 5: Sep. 24th

Madelin Dior:
How to upgrade your life and business and be free
(10am PT)

The times of these lives are subject to change. However we truly do not believe that you have to be on the live, since you´ll have access to the replay during the 5 days.

Replay of the lives will be in the Facebook group.


Private Facebook Group for Members 

Network with like minded business owners during your 5 day transformation.

Clairvoyant Q&A with Madelin: 

Exclusive clairvoyant answers to the most important business questions.

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The Code:

What we'll be teaching on this 5 Day Challenge are the most essential concepts from our Elite program: 

99:1 The Quantum Business Code 

For High Level Business Owners Who Want to Quantum Leap Their Business Results

Join the 5 Day Challenge Today.

(Access to the material online during the 5 days)

What Others Are Saying:

Martin M.

"When I started working with Madelin I was about to close my failing E-com business and start something else. With her advice I stuck it out and turned it into a 7-figure passive machine that I eventually sold".

Adeleya V.

"Madelin changed my life in 5 mins. I wasn't able to start my business because I had no time. We sorted that out on the very first Q&A". 

Pernille L.

"I cannot believe how crazy the journey has been. She has helped me create my dream business from scratch to high level in a short period of time.First year in business I did $160K in sales".


Thanks Madelin, for helping me transform my life! I started 3 business and think, act and feel differently.

Zallie S.

I was living in my car and had no job. After working with Madelin I started my own business and stepped into my big breakthrough. I even had a 100K month! Energy is everything.

Kenzie C.

Being in Madelin's space totally changed my life. I was suffering from burnout and fear. but Madelin's energy and wisdom showed me a new way in life. She taught me how to manifest a life that I love and to follow my heart. So I just bought a house, cash!

Live Teaching

I teach from my intuition. Everything I do comes from Higher Intelligence. 

There isn't a fixed schedule for the Live Training for this challenge. 

Just know it is going to keep you at the edge of your seat and push the limits of what you think is possible in your business. 

Are you ready to level up like never before?

Join the 5 Day Challenge Today.

(Access to the material online during the 5 days)

If you have any questions write to us:

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(Access to the material online during the 5 days)

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